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In the Basic Aromatics business line, we operate four sites that manufacture and sell products derived from the primary distillation of coal tar. These include pitch products for the aluminum and steel industries as well as naphthalene and technical oils for other sectors.

At the Castrop-Rauxel site, the business line operates the world’s largest coal tar distillation plant. Together with the production sites of RÜTGERS Belgium N.V. in Zelzate, RUETGERS Canada Inc. in Hamilton and RUETGERS Poland Sp. z o.o. in Kedzierzyn-Kozle, the Basic Aromatics business line has a total distillation capacity of 1,000,000 metric tons of coal tar per year. All sites have access to major transportation hubs and are optimally connected by rail and waterways.

More information about our products: Pitch Products and Naphthalene & Industrial Oils

Our Sites

In terms of total capacity, the plant at Castrop-Rauxel in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is the largest site in the Basic Aromatics business line. Among the many RÜTGERS production facilities here is the world’s largest coal tar distillation plant. Using the inland port on the Rhine-Herne Canal situated directly on the plant premises, raw materials can be supplied to anywhere in the world not only by rail and road tanker but also by ship.

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A new production site of the business line Basic Aromatics is being developed in the Russian city of Cherepovets. Completion is due in 2014. RÜTGERS is constructing production facilities for the processing of coal tar here, together with the Russian steel producer Severstal, in order to supply chemical raw materials of the highest quality to the international market. Apart from a distillation system for coal tar, facilities for the further processing of technical oils and naphthalene are planned. The production facilities are established in accordance with state-of-the art technological standards, taking into consideration international environmental regulations. A team of the RÜTGERS-Severtar joint venture has already been deployed to Cherepovets, the headquarters of Severstal, in order to push ahead building measures. 

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RUETGERS Canada Inc. in Hamilton, Ontario, is the North American pillar of our Basic Aromatics business line. It became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the RÜTGERS Group in 1989 and has been expanded to an annual processing capacity of 240,000 metric tons of crude tar. The coal tar feedstock is sourced locally, processed into pitch products and transported to North America’s aluminum smelters. The site also produces creosote, naphthalene and carbon black feedstock.

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Part of RÜTGERS since the year 2000, RUETGERS Poland Sp. z o.o. is the Group’s easternmost subsidiary. RUETGERS Poland produces pitch for the aluminum and graphite industries, with a capacity of 70,000 metric tons of pitch per year. The site uses soft pitch as a raw material, which is sourced from Castrop-Rauxel as well as eastern Europe. The unique advantages of the site for the Basic Aromatics business line are its proximity to the eastern European pitch markets as well as the option of exporting from the port of Szczecin, which has excellent water and rail transportation links. 

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In 2009, RÜTGERS opened a representation office in Shanghai to best serve our customers in the Asian market. The Chief Representation Office in the Chinese metropolis coordinates and supports the activities of the Basic Aromatics, Resins & Modifiers and Trading business lines and is always available to our customers as a point of contact. 

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Zelzate in Belgium is the headquarters of RÜTGERS Belgium N.V. and the international holding company RÜTGERS N.V. Roughly 300,000 metric tons of tar products are processed here each year. Zelzate has its own seaport from which our products are shipped all over the world, which makes it also of key importance from a logistical point of view. Production is focused on pitch products for the aluminum industry, phthalic anhydride and benzene, which is processed further to make polymers. Today’s RÜTGERS Belgium has been part of the RÜTGERS Group since 1973.

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