Production management depends on diligence. We live it.

Our facility at Castrop-Rauxel in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is the largest coal tar distillation plant in the world today, and we also have facilities on site to process products from the first distillation stage. Our extraordinary production capacity is just one of many factors that demand diligent planning and production management at these plants. We have grouped all the areas of operation required to run the plant smoothly into our InfraTec business line.

Multiple needs, one stop

As a service provider to the business lines at our Castrop-Rauxel site, InfraTec combines a wealth of one-stop services: from maintenance and energy supply through safety management, technical purchasing and waste management to worker and environmental safety.

Our site


Boasting the world’s largest coal tar distillation plant and other production facilities that serve our Basic Aromatics and Aromatic Chemicals business lines, our Castrop-Rauxel site has a special significance. The InfraTec team puts all their expertise to work to keep production running smoothly.


Stefan Schipper, Managing Director InfraTec


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