Resins and modifiers create strong bonds. Give it a tie.

With our resins and modifiers, RÜTGERS is a high-tech supplier of specialty products for niche markets. As a technology and innovation leader, we produce NOVARES® resins for the adhesive, coating, rubber and printing ink industries as well as modifiers for high-performance coating systems and applications in the paper industry.

Proximity to the customers

We have the expertise and production technology to produce resins with a wide range of softening points and compatibilities. This allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions for our customers and can work out product specifications and innovations depending upon specific requriements. This is a technological advantage, which we have refined by continually investing in our modern production plants. This will ensure future success for us and our customers.

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Our Sites

The Duisburg-Meiderich plant was founded in 1905. Extensive investment here in recent years has created a state-of-the-art production plant for resins. RÜTGERS resin competence is concentrated at this site. It is unique in the world, associated with the trade name NOVARES® and sets the standard for the chemical processing industry. In Duisburg aromatic hydrocarbon resins are produced for paints and coatings, adhesives and rubber goods as well as aromatic fuel constituents and fuel oil markers.

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In 2009, RÜTGERS opened a representation office in Shanghai to best serve our customers in the Asian market. The Chief Representation Office in the Chinese metropolis coordinates and supports the activities of the Basic Aromatics, Resins & Modifiers and Trading business lines and is always available to our customers as a point of contact. 

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The Uithoorn site has formed part of Resins & Modifiers’ production network since 2011. In December 2011, RÜTGERS Novares GmbH took full responsibility for this site and business of RÜTGERS Resins GmbH. High-quality hydrocarbon resins for the printing ink, coating, asphalt and rubber industries are produced in the Dutch city of Uithoorn. Raw materials can be supplied via a connection to a port on the Amstel. 

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Uwe Holland
Executive Vice President Resins & Modifiers


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