Industry needs raw materials. We trade them.

RÜTGERS is not only one of the world’s leading producers of tar-derived basic chemicals. We are also a highly specialized global trading partner via our subsidiary RÜTGERS ChemTrade in Duisburg. Our customers include companies in the fertilizer, mineral and aluminum industries as well as integrated smelters, steel mills, foundries, distillation plants, petroleum refineries and carbon black producers—in short, companies from all sectors that process coal- and oil-based products. Our product range extends from coke by-products and aromatics—among which crude benzene is particularly important—through chemical products such as acids, bases and sulfates to dyes and pigments.

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Based at the RÜTGERS site in Duisburg, the RÜTGERS ChemTrade team is active throughout the world, securing raw materials supplies, making contacts, cultivating networks and serving the markets. 

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In 2009, RÜTGERS opened a representation office in Shanghai to best serve our customers in the Asian market. The Chief Representation Office in the Chinese metropolis coordinates and supports the activities of the Basic Aromatics, Resins & Modifiers and Trading business lines and is always available to our customers as a point of contact. 

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