Markets need progress. We deliver it.

Our customers need to know they can rely on the consistently high quality of our feedstocks and punctual delivery. To meet these exacting requirements in every way, we make individual solutions and just-in-time delivery our highest priority. This is just one of many areas we constantly fine-tune to guarantee our customers dependable planning.

Improving products—all the time

What applies to our service is equally true for our products: We work tirelessly to develop our products so we can continue to meet our customers’ needs.
Close collaboration with our core markets has shown us what our customers want. And we do whatever it takes to make sure they get it. That means we are constantly looking to improve product properties, boost customers’ production efficiency or minimize potential risks in processing.

CARBORES®—an exemplary development

One result of our determination is CARBORES®, a binder used in the refractories industry. We have managed not only to slash the hazardous substance content by 95% compared with traditional pitch products; we also significantly improved the processing properties as compared with conventional binders.

Our first production facility was built in 2001, and demand for RÜTGERS’ first-of-its-kind product soon had the plant working to full capacity. We expanded with a second facility in 2009 to handle the market’s higher demand.

Our applications expertise

  • Ongoing optimization of our portfolio
  • Improvements to product properties
  • Better efficiency for our customers