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Initial settlement in the tarlog area: Philippine-Saarpor establishes production site in RÜTGERS‘ industrial estate

Castrop-Rauxel, 09 May 2012

The Philippine-Saarpor Group will establish production facilities for insulating materials made from EPS/styrofoam in the tarlog area Castrop-Rauxel. Sven Eckhardt, Partner of the Philippine-Saarpor Group and Herbert Knorr, the Managing Director of RÜTGERS have signed an agreement on the utilisation of an area of the size of 50,000 m² within the industrial estate. The Group will invest a double-digit million euro amount. Construction is to commence at the end of 2012. Some 25 to 30 new jobs will be created once operations start.

“The industrial site features a comprehensive infrastructure and has excellent logistic links. This is an ideal condition for further growth,” comments Philippine Partner Sven Eckhardt. The new plant will utilise the existing power supply and other services offered on-site. “Total investments in Castrop-Rauxel are at the double-digit million mark. Completion is scheduled for 2013,” continues Eckhardt.

The Managing Directors of tarlog, Herbert Knorr and Volker Schmitz, welcome the settlement of the insulation manufacturer. Herbert Knorr, who is also Managing Directors of RÜTGERS Germany GmbH, stated: “The company is an optimal partner for the further expansion of the tarlog area. This area meets all requirements towards an ideal production site.” Volker Schmitz stresses: “We are particularly pleased that the marketing of tarlog's logistic and infrastructure concept has borne fruit.”

Production of insulating materials for buildings

Philippine-Saarpor is planning an additional production site in Castrop-Rauxel for innovative insulating materials from EPS/styrofoam that feature improved insulating performance. The Philippine-Saarpor Group already holds a leading position in this market segment in Germany. Against the background of the change in energy policy, the market is expected to achieve further growth. The primary energy consumption of buildings can be reduced significantly with insulating materials made from EPS/styrofoam. All products made from EPS/Styrofoam are certified with an environmental product declaration of the Institut für Bauen und Umwelt (IBU ≈ Institute for Construction and Environment). This certification relates to the production process, processing and the entire lifecycle of the product.

tarlog area

tarlog GmbH, a joint venture of the RÜTGERS Group and Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport), develops and markets the tarlog area in the RÜTGERS industrial estate. Apart from the settlement process, tarlog supports interested parties, particularly with comprehensive rail, logistics and service solutions.

A further 100,000 m² of unused area are now available in the tarlog area for the settlement of industrial companies. The location offers ideal conditions, in particular for companies from energy-intensive and chemical-related industries. The area is approvable in accordance with the Federal Emissions Control Act and features an independent power supply, predominantly based on steam and electricity. All infrastructure facilities of a state-of-the-art industrial site are accessible. The area cannot only be accessed by road and rail but also has its very own link to Duisburg port, thanks to which it is also internationally connected.

Philippine-Saarpor Group

The Philippine-Saarpor Group is a medium-sized company in the polymer processing industry. Its activities are spread across three subsidiaries: the focus is on insulating materials made from EPS/Styrofoam for structural engineering, moulded parts for the automotive sector and technical applications, decorative products as well as floor heating systems and solar panels. A workforce of 600 achieves sales of approx. EUR 150 annually at several national and international locations. More information can be obtained at:

RÜTGERS Group For more than 160 years, RÜTGERS has been setting standards as a manufacturer of high-quality base and specialty chemicals. Around 1,000 employees at eight international production sites work towards the success of our clients. In doing so, we value reliability: We comply with the highest possible standards in order to protect both people and the environment. We secure our supply of raw materials and we have an efficient logistics network in order to supply products for the aluminium and steel industries, technical oils, naphthalene and other base chemicals on time. RÜTGERS has owned Triton since 2008. The independent equity investment company specialises in investments in leading medium-sized businesses in German-speaking countries and Northern Europe. More information can be obtained at:

Duisburger Hafen AG

Duisburger Hafen AG is the holding and management company of Duisburg port, the largest inland port in the world. The duisport Group offers full service packages in the infrastructure and superstructure areas including settlement management - for the port and logistics site. Furthermore, the subsidiaries provide logistics services such as the development and optimisation of transport and logistics supply chains, freight rail transport services, facility management and packaging logistics. More information can be obtained at:

Press Release

Photo (from left to right): Stefan Schipper, Managing Director RÜTGERS InfraTec, Sven Eckhardt,
Partner Philippine Saarpor, Herbert Knorr, Managing Director tarlog GmbH,
Managing Director RÜTGERS Germany GmbH

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