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Soapboxes, oxygen enrichment and formula 1 model car: 130 students presented natural science projects at RÜTGERS’ Foundation Day

Castrop-Rauxel, 28 September 2012

The Kardinal-von-Galen-Gymnasium, Münster, wins the first prize of the presentation competition with "Formula 1 at school"

The 180 participants and visitors of RÜTGERS’ Foundation Day experienced hands-on science and technology in Castrop-Rauxel on 28 September 2012: 15 research teams from higher (Gymnasien) and intermediate (Realschulen) secondary schools as well as comprehensive schools in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg, with a total of 130 team members, presented research and education projects from the so-called MINT subjects (MINT = mathematics, informatics, sciences and technology). In the past school year, the student teams had received grants from the RÜTGERS Foundation.

At the beginning of the Foundation Day the project teams faced the judgement of the jury – with brief three-minute presentations: Students, teachers, representatives of RÜTGERS Germany and the Mayor, Johannes Beisenherz, judged the originality and information content of the presentations and the realisation of the project.

A team of young researchers from the Kardinal-von-Galen-Gymnasium in Münster ranked first in the presentation competition: The students won the jury over with a test run of the formula 1 model car they built and a professional advertising spot. The team received EUR 1,000 for the continuation of the project. A project team from the Emschertal comprehensive school in Duisburg won the second prize, worth EUR 600. Students from grades five to nine established bee colonies in their newly designed school garden and harvested their own honey. Students from Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule in Esslingen developed a buoy powered by solar energy in order to enrich bodies of water with oxygen. They illustrated their research project by staging an original play, won the third prize and received EUR 400 for their project.

“We saw so many resourceful project presentations that it made our choice difficult,” commented Uwe Holland, jury member and chairperson of RÜTGERS Foundation’s Administrative Board. “Each year I am again amazed how enthusiastically and professionally the children and adolescents work away at the tasks they set themselves.”

 Jury member Johannes Beisenherz, Mayor of Castrop-Rauxel, was also delighted by the work the young researchers presented: “I was impressed to see how these young people deal with scientific issues. It makes them feel curiosity and enthusiasm. Such experiences may just assist in deciding in favour of a scientific or technological job later on in life.”

On the “Market of opportunity” – the second part of the Foundation Day – visitors were able to communicate with the young researchers in person and to acquire information on the objective and result of the project. Both older and younger football fans acquired information on the ideal size of a football goal from a student of Gymnasium Steinheim: The student had determined the ideal size of a football goal for different age groups on the basis of several parameters such as leap height, stretch height and rate of fall. The solar-powered soapboxes of Realschule Essen-Überruhr also aroused enthusiasm amongst visitors. More than 120 students from different grades had jointly developed, constructed and tested the vehicles.

In the 2011/2012 school year, the RÜTGERS Foundation supported 22 projects with a total of EUR 65,000.

The RÜTGERS Foundation

Fascination is the key! True to this motto, the RÜTGERS Foundation has been supporting teachers at general education schools who would like to implement scientific projects but do not have the funding to do so, since 1999. The idea behind this is to make scientific issues come alive for students and thus to arouse their enthusiasm for natural sciences. Since its foundation, the RÜTGERS Foundation has supported 229 projects at more than 200 schools and, by this means, addressed more than 8,300 students. Further information on the RÜTGERS Foundation and on the modes of support it can offer is available at

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