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The processing of coal tar yields roughly 10% naphthalene and 35–40% industrial oils, which are needed for a wide variety of industrial applications in a broad range of quality and processing levels. Naphthalene products are used in particular in the chemical and construction industries. They form the basis for such products as superplasticizers which improve the flow properties of concrete with lower water contents. Industrial oils, chiefly carbon black oil, are used in the chemical and carbon black industries.

After industrial processing, the products made from naphthalene and industrial oils are indispensable constituents of many articles of daily life. They are used, for example, in the leather industry and the construction sector, and are processed into items such as car tires and pharmaceuticals.

Eco-friendly production

In all its areas of business, the RÜTGERS Group is committed to protecting and preserving the environment. In the production of naphthalene, we use the eco-friendly method of crystallization and distillation in closed systems.

Naphthalene & Industrial oils

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