Industrial Oils

Carbon black oils

Tar oils are used in the production of carbon black feedstock. These are processed by our customers into industrial carbon black for a wide variety of uses, including pigments for plastics, rubber and printer toners. By far the most important application of carbon black is in the tire industry. Carbon black exerts a major influence on tire properties - with positive effects, for instance, on rolling resistancen and wet performance. Carbon black increases tire life by improving wear resistance and UV protection. RÜTGERS produces specially designed high-tech carbon black feedstock.

Impregnation oils

Creosote oils or impregnation oils are used to preserve railway sleepers as well as utility and telephone poles—which was the RÜTGERS Group’s original core business. Today, the company produces creosote oil, mainly for the North American and European markets.

Other oils

The RÜTGERS offering also includes heating oils for industry, fluxing oils for road building and oil and gas exploration, bunker oils and wash oils.

In order to best satisfy customer and market requirements, RÜTGERS is organized into seven business lines: Basic Aromatics, BTX/PA, Handy Chemicals, Resins & Modifiers, Aromatic Chemicals, Trading, and InfraTec.

Find out more about the business line: Basic Aromatics

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Naphthalene & Industrial oils

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