Acetophenone & 3.5-Xylenol

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Alongside tar-based products, Aromatic Chemicals manufactures two synthesis products, acetophenone and 3.5-xylenol. Acetophenone is a versatile raw material for a variety of chemical products. It is used in special resins, as a heat stabilizer in polyvinyl chloride and as a building block for a fragrance smelling of gardenia.

Rated “essential”

3.5-xylenol is mainly used for the antiseptic agent PCMX which, for example, can be found in soaps and disinfectant solutions. The best known products are sold by Reckitt Benckiser under the trade name "Dettol". Today, PCMX is so important that it is included in the World Health Organization’s list of essential drugs. In addition, 3.5-xylenol is used in the synthesis of an antirheumatic and in a snail and slug bait (Mesurol® from Bayer CropScience).

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