The world market needs aluminum. We make it happen.

Pitch products are substances made from coal tar pitch, the main product derived from the distillation of coal tar. Pitch products are mainly used as electrode binders for the production of anodes for aluminum smelting. These electrode binders can only be made on the basis of coal tar, which means that without pitch there would be no aluminum.
RÜTGERS offers its customers a broad range of coal tar pitches with different product properties for a wide spectrum of special applications. The innovative RÜTGERS development CARBORES®, a latest-generation pitch product, is used in the steel and graphite industries.

Pioneer in logistics

With a distillation capacity of a million tons per year, advanced technologies and large storage capacity for a wide variety of products, RÜTGERS guarantees its customers flexibility, consistent product quality and maximum reliability of supply. We have always gone to great lengths to ensure this. For example, in 1992 RÜTGERS became a pioneer in liquid pitch logistics with the world’s first transatlantic shipment of liquid pitch. Today, it’s normal routine for us to ship quantities of up to 12,000 metric tons per consignment.


Our strengths

  • Reliable supplies
  • Large-scale warehousing capacities
  • Consistent product quality

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