CARBORES® is a binder, which is used for carbon containing refractory products as well as graphite products. These are found in iron and steel plants, aluminium plants, in the chemicals industry, in foundry and oven construction industries – in short: everywhere, where it is really hot.

CARBORES®, derives its name from ”CARBOnacious RESin powder“, it is a specially modified coal tar pitch product, which is available as a hot liquid, granulate or in powder form. Unlike any other binder it combines excellent product properties with a specially low concentration of toxic constituents.

Three times better

CARBORES® is available in three product lines:

  • CARBORES® T, is a liquid binder for the production of monolithic refractory products. CARBORES®  is available in different viscosities. 
  • CARBORES® F, is a binder with different softening points for the production of refractory bricks and for specialty graphite.
  • CARBORES® P, is a high-performance binder for shaped and monolithic refractory products as well as for specialty graphite.

Advantage for humans and the environment

Coal tar pitch is a natural product, which varies in its specific composition. However, it contains substances, which necessitate special safety precautions to be taken during the production process for humans and the environment.
In the case of CARBORES® the concentration of these substances has been drastically reduced. Additionally, in line with environmental sustainability we are working on reducing it further – and last but not least, we aim to simplify our customer’s production processes.

In a class of its own

The use of binders is essential for the manufacture of refractory products. In this case products made from coal tar pitch can be used. However they contain toxic substances and can therefore only be processed if safety standards are raised. Alternatively phenolic resin can be used, which has significantly worse properties for the production process. CARBORES® combines the advantages of both options in a fully new product class – with many advantages for industry.

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