Pitch Products

Coal tar pitch

RÜTGERS supplies coal tar pitches with many different softening points as binder for carbon anodes and cathodes, graphite electrodes, specialty graphite, Soderberg electrodes and for refractory materials.

Impregnation pitch

The RÜTGERS range includes pitch with different softening points for the impregnation of graphite electrodes and carbon cathodes, for specialty graphite and refractory materials.

Special tars

We offer our customers special tars with different viscosities as binder for the production monolithic refractory products.

Refined tars

Our plant in Hamilton produces RT-12 tars, which are used for sealing road surface.

Pitch with a high softening temperature

We offer our customers pitch with softening temperatures between 150 and 250 °C, which are needed for the manufacture of specialty graphite.

Petroleum pitch

We produce and supply petroleum pitch for the production of clay pigeons and activated carbon.


The production of RAUXOLIT was stopped because a new product - CARBORES® has become available since 2002 that has better product and environmental properties and is also cheaper.

So that we can optimally respond to our customers and the needs of the market, RÜTGERS is subdivided into seven lines of business: Basic Aromatics, BTX/PA, RÜTGERS Polymers, Resins & Modifiers, Aromatic Chemicals, Trading and InfraTec.

Find out more about the business line: Basic Aromatics

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