Resins and modifiers create strong bonds. Give it a tie.

With our resins and modifiers, RÜTGERS is a high-tech supplier of specialty products for niche markets. As a technology and innovation leader, we produce NOVARES® resins for the adhesive, coating, rubber and printing ink industries as well as modifiers for high-performance coating systems and applications in the paper industry. Our RUETASOLV® and KMC® brands are known for outstanding quality.

Proximity to customers

Since RÜTGERS has the capability to produce resins with a wide range of softening points and compatibilities, we can offer our customers solutions designed for their needs.

We join with customers in developing product specifications and innovations that fit our customers' needs. This is a technological advantage, which we have achieved through continuous investment in our state-of-the-art production facilities—and one we are committed to securing down the line.

Resins & modifiers

Logistic Partner

  • In safe, reliable hands—worldwide
  • Tailored logistics solutions
  • Supply chain management
  • Vendor-managed inventory

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