Non-reactive modifiers are used in coatings, such as in industrial floors, as well as in moisture barriers, cable joints, pigment pastes and water-based adhesives.

They are used, for example, as solvents for dyestuffs and as heat transfer and electrical insulation oils. These modifiers are available from RÜTGERS under the brand names RUETASOLV® and KMC®. They are indispensable in many areas, as illustrated by two examples:

RUETASOLV® DI for many applications

RUETASOLV®DI is a highly weather-resistant material that retains its physical state even when exposed to extreme temperatures, chemical stresses as well as extreme dry or wet conditions. It allows our customers to create products that resist all adverse conditions. With its low viscosity and high boiling point it substitutes conventional solvents in epoxy and PUR systems. 

KMC® for carbonless copy paper

Carbonless copy papers, used as formsheet sets or text rolls consist of several chemical layers that only develop their colour formers after contact with acidic materials of the CF-/CFB-sheets. The dye stuffs are dissolved in a solvent and enclosed in microcapsules. KMC® is an example of such a solvent, a chemically neutral hydrocarbon, which prevent from unwanted interactions with microcapsule materials or dye stuffs even at elevated temperatures.

So that we can optimally respond to our customers and the needs of the market, RÜTGERS is subdivided into seven lines of business: Basic Aromatics, BTX/PA, Handy Chemicals, Resins & Modifiers, Aromatic Chemicals, Trading and InfraTec.

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