Industrial resins are synthetic resins made for commercial use. Based on petrochemical or carbon feedstock, they can be manufactured in different chemical compositions and with different softening points depending on application.

This means that each product can be given different hardening and adhesive properties as required for adhesives, paints or coatings.

One range, many possibilities

NOVARES® resins are geared specifically to customer needs. Customers map out their objectives and we get to work in our development department to meet them. Customized softening points and individualized product forms, from pastilles to hot melts, pave the way for customers to manufacture innovative products that enhance their competitive edge and secure success.

NOVARES® in the adhesives industry

As a result of technological advances in production processes, the requirements placed on adhesives have increased continuously in recent decades. Instead of welding or riveting, parts today—whether at home, in cars or in airplanes—are joined by adhesives. We produce resins, an essential basic material for adhesives, for many applications.

NOVARES® in the coating industry

Resins like NOVARES® are also used in the production of coatings to protect all kinds of surfaces. Now more than ever, the trend is toward products that impact less on the environment—a challenge we are meeting together with our customers for the long term.

NOVARES® in the rubber industry

The issue of mobility has always been closely linked with environmental protection, and not just since the climate debate. The auto industry is responding, among other things, with more fuel-efficient engines. The rubber industry is also conscious of its responsibility and is manufacturing tires with NOVARES® resins that help improve rolling resistance and wear performance.

So that we can optimally respond to our customers and the needs of the market, RÜTGERS is subdivided into seven lines of business: Basic Aromatics, BTX/PA, Handy Chemicals, Resins & Modifiers, Aromatic Chemicals, Trading and InfraTec.

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