Major structures such as bridges and high-rises place special demands on concrete as a construction material. They require concrete that displays strength, elasticity, flowability, compressive strength, low air permeability, good resistance to wear and long life. Superplasticizers are used to achieve these properties.

Reach for the sky

The company is a world-leading manufacturer of these high-performance polymeric dispersants which were used in such buildings as the 452-meter PETRONAS Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the highest building in the world at the time.

A material with many uses

The market today offers a wide variety of superplasticizers with different product properties. Many of them use our feedstock polynaphthalene sulfonate, or PNS. It improves the rheological, mechanical and flow properties of the concrete, increases its compressive strength, promotes elasticity and provides for optimum working.

There are no limits to the possible uses of PNS. Whether it’s high-performance concrete, pumped concrete, shotcrete or lightweight concrete, concrete containing fly ash, granulated blast furnace slag or silica fume, self-compacting or not, whether it’s for precast concrete parts or specially shaped concrete slabs—the individual mix leaves every option open. So people can build what they need.

Superplasticizers & Dispersants

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