Product range

With its exceptional production know-how, cutting-edge laboratory equipment, well-oiled logistics network and just-in-time supply capability, RÜTGERS ChemTrade has become an established name in a highly specialized niche market across the globe. The product range encompasses Carbo-Aromatics, Petro-Aromatics, and Chemicals & Carbon Products.


This unit is engaged in buying coke by-products—crude benzene and crude tar—from coking plants and selling them on to the chemical processing industry. RÜTGERS ChemTrade is the world leader in benzene trading.


Petro-aromatics are aromatics from the petroleum processing industry which we purchase from oil refineries and crackers mainly in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. These products include benzene-toluene-xylene mixtures, liquid naphthalene, derivatives, pygas, off-spec aromatics and special oils.

Chemicals & Carbon Products

Chemicals & Carbon Products include acids and bases such as sulfuric acid, ammonium sulfate, solvents as well as high and low boiling ingredients. They are used in the fertilizer, steel and aluminum industries.

Among other we offer


• Toluene

• Xylene confectioned in IBC’s and Drums

• Biphenyl (Diphenyl) in 25 kg bags or hot-liquid in tankcontainer

Our services

  • Secure deliveries
  • High storage capacities
  • Consistant product quality

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