Sustainability is a concept. We make it our agenda.

In everything we do at RÜTGERS, our work is always guided by the principle of sustainable development. Because putting ecology, economy and social responsibility first today is the only way to keep growing and offering coming generations perspectives for tomorrow. We base all our decisions on longevity, continuity and far-reaching considerations. And we bear in mind our special responsibility as a manufacturer of coal tar derived products at all times.

One principle on all levels

This holds true throughout the company—for environmental protection as well as long-term planning to secure jobs. For responsible production that relies on closed systems, the efficient use of energy and a small carbon footprint. For promoting social standards just as much as meeting environmental standards and managing resources responsibly. For engaging our employees in decision-making processes and fostering long-term relationships with our customers. So we can all achieve more together. And so we can enjoy our success together now and for years to come.

Our initiative: Training

RÜTGERS teaches
Our Castrop-Rauxel location gives 50 apprentices in five professions formal job training to start their careers. More ...