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District chief executive Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klenke visits RÜTGERS

Castrop-Rauxel, April 17, 2012

Third exhaust gas incinerator nearing completion

On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, the chief executive of Münster administrative district Prof. Reinhard Klenke visited the RÜTGERS site at Castrop-Rauxel. Prof. Klenke was there to learn about the situation of the company, important environmental projects and the further development of the industrial park. Together with the company management, he inspected the construction work being carried out for the third exhaust gas incinerator and the expanded waste air treatment unit in the organic wastewater treatment facility.

RÜTGERS has invested over 10 million euros in waste air treatment at the Castrop-Rauxel plant in 2011 and 2012. The third exhaust gas incinerator, which has an integrated flue gas desulfurizer, is due for completion in July 2012. The new plant will increase processing capacity and allow maintenance to be carried out on the exhaust gas incinerators while production continues. In a project due for completion in June 2012, the waste air treatment unit in the organic wastewater treatment facility is being expanded and improved thanks to the use of a new technology. 

The dismantling project at the site is making good progress. So far, 31 production units that are no longer required have been dismantled and disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner. Six further dismantling measures are being prepared. Additional smaller-scale modernization projects are also being implemented.

“With these projects, RÜTGERS is strengthening our region as a business location and sharpening competitive edge, thus securing jobs,” said the district chief executive on his visit to the company.

“Long-term success is only possible if we keep on modernizing and improving,” said Henri Steinmetz, CEO of the RÜTGERS Group. “RÜTGERS invests continuously in new technologies and facilities to secure the competitiveness of the Castrop-Rauxel site.”

Münster district government maintains close links with RÜTGERS and works with the company’s management in ensuring that the facilities at the site are operated in compliance with environmental and legal requirements.

Modernization measures, environmental projects and the construction of new facilities are planned and implemented in close cooperation.

For more than 160 years, RÜTGERS has been setting standards as a manufacturer of high-quality basic and specialty chemicals. We have around 1,000 employees at eight international production sites working for the success of our customers. Our focus is on reliability: We maintain the highest standards to protect people and the environment. We secure our supply of raw materials, and we operate an efficient logistics network to ensure on-time supply of products for the aluminum and steel industries, technical oils, naphthalene and other basic chemicals.

RÜTGERS has been owned by the independent investment firm Triton since 2008, a company specializing in investment in leading SMEs in the German-speaking countries and northern Europe.

Left to right: Denis Panknin, head of plant services, Henri Steinmetz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) RÜTGERS Group, Prof. Reinhard Klenke, Münster district government chief executive, Dr. Max Padberg, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) RÜTGERS Group, Claudia Pudwell-Sauer, Münster district government, Ralf Danszczyk, works council chairman RÜTGERS Germany GmbH, and Herbert Knorr, managing director RÜTGERS Germany GmbH.



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