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RÜTGERS reaches a milestone in its environmental protection program: New waste gas incinerator comes online at the Castrop-Rauxel site

Castrop-Rauxel, December 17 2012

North Rhine-Westphalian Minister for Economic Affairs Garrelt Duin and Henri Steinmetz, CEO of RÜTGERS, flipped the switches on a new waste gas incinerator at the Castrop-Rauxel production site. Valued at 8.4 million euros, the burner rounds out the existing system and will ensure that, even if one of the units fails or requires maintenance work, production can continue at full capacity. Waste gas combustion with integrated flue gas desulfurization represents an important milestone in the site’s green program. RÜTGERS has invested 50 million euros in environmental protection and safety projects at Castrop-Rauxel since 2008.

“We are modernizing production facilities and infrastructure, making room for more businesses and getting the Castrop-Rauxel site in shape for a bright future. Our top priority in all these endeavors is the ongoing improvement of safeguards for people and the environment,” said Henri Steinmetz, CEO of RÜTGERS, at the commissioning of the waste gas combustion system. “Advancing our green program is a major challenge for RÜTGERS. Our ability to continue making strides in this area in future is dependent on a favorable climate. Rising energy prices blunt our competitiveness on European and international markets”.

RÜTGERS has implemented safety and environmental protection projects worth a total of 50 million euros since 2008. Aside from the new burner system, a waste gas treatment system has been linked to the biological wastewater installation and an online emissions measurement system for the entire site introduced. Superfluous facilities have been dismantled and far-reaching steps to prevent water pollution implemented. At present, 80 percent of the measures set out in the environmental protection program are in place.

“With its new flue gas desulfurization system, RÜTGERS has proven its commitment to ensuring that operations in Castrop-Rauxel are green and forward-looking,” said Minister for Economic Affairs Garrelt Duin. “This is a prime example of how cutting-edge technology can be used to produce basic chemicals in a way that protects the environment and conserves resources. As a supplier to many downstream manufacturers, RÜTGERS makes an important contribution to North Rhine-Westphalia in terms of jobs and the state’s industrial value chain,” added the minister.

“The waste gas incinerator with flue gas desulfurization is not only based on the latest technology but has been optimally integrated into our production facilities,” commented Herbert Knorr, managing director of RÜTGERS Germany GmbH. “A byproduct of the combustion process is heat, which we use to supply our plants with steam.” As a result, RÜTGERS is able to save 800,000 cubic meters of natural gas annually. What’s more, through the desulfurization of the gases released during incineration, sulfur is recovered in the form of sulfuric acid. In this way, RÜTGERS collects a total of 600 metric tons of sulfur every year, which can be put to use in operations.

“RÜTGERS is a reliable partner to the city and region. For everyone at the company, environmental protection, occupational safety in operating the plant and cultivating all relationships in the spirit of social partnership has become part of everyday life. Our investment in an additional waste gas incinerator, together with many other measures, is a renewed statement that RÜTGERS intends to remain a powerful ally to the people in and around Castrop-Rauxel. I would like to thank all of those involved in the project for helping to put us on track for a great future,” said Ralf Danszczyk, works council chairman of RÜTGERS Germany GmbH.

The RÜTGERS Castrop-Rauxel site

Spread across 85 hectares and home to 450 employees, the RÜTGERS Group’s Castrop-Rauxel site is its largest. Aside from a continuous coal tar distillation plant, the site also comprises numerous other cutting-edge production facilities and infrastructure. Products are shipped from the site’s very own port on the Rhine-Herne Canal to RÜTGERS clients or for further processing at the company’s sites in Duisburg, Germany, Zelzate, Belgium, and Hamilton, Canada.


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