RÜTGERS and RAIN CII: A partnership for the future.

January 4, 2013, marks the start of a new phase in RÜTGERS’ history: RAIN CII completed the acquisition of 100% of the RÜTGERS Group shares. Together, the new partners aim at building the world’s largest and most diversified carbon chemicals company providing solutions for the industry’s major challenges. Complementary products and global geographic presence coupled with a large and well-balanced product portfolio are a great starting point for a fruitful cooperation offering excellent growth prospects.

Turn by-products into value

RÜTGERS and Rain CII both utilize raw materials which are by-products from other industries and have invested capital in facilities that transform them into value-added products of strategic importance to many industries. RÜTGERS buys coal tar from steel plant cokeries and produces coal tar pitch and chemicals for a diverse range of applications. Rain CII buys petroleum coke from oil refiners and produces calcined coke which is the primary source of carbon for anodes used in aluminum production and titanium dioxide produced by the chloride process. From this perspective, the companies have similar business models and both are top tier producers in their respective industries.

Become a global carbon company

The combination of RÜTGERS and Rain CII makes strategic sense for many reasons.  It provides a stronger platform of growth and creates a more diversified combined business across geographies, production methods and product sales. Although RÜTGERS is typically described as a coal tar pitch and chemical company, the majority of its products is carbon based and Rain CII and RÜTGERS together are well positioned to become the world’s largest and most diverse carbon company. One of the most exciting opportunities lies with the potential to leverage the R&D work of both companies. For many carbon products, coal tar pitch and CPC are complimentary materials that interact with each other during manufacture. A combined RÜTGERS and Rain CII will have an unparalleled ability to provide industry leading innovations in this area.

Provide solutions for the industry

RÜTGERS brings a strong and diverse in-house R&D capability to Rain CII. For our aluminum smelting customers in particular, the development work already underway at RÜTGERS and Rain CII has the potential to be combined in a way that can maximize anode performance, improve productivity, reduce raw material costs and provide better environmental performance. The combined company will have the critical mass to support a larger scale development effort which will help the aluminum industry meet current and future carbon related challenges.

RÜTGERS and Rain CII are recognized as technical leaders in their core businesses with an extensive catalog of industry leading technical papers and patents. We have a history of long-term and stable relationships with many of the industry’s leading companies. We expect to build on this in the future by operating a truly global carbon company capable of developing the right solutions for tomorrow’s problems.



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